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Department of Genetic Resources, Desert Research Center, El-Matareya, Cairo, Egypt


Although MYB is an important transcription factor family gene for plant development and defense against drought stress, understanding the participation of MYB genes in rice growth and adaptation to drought stress is still largely unknown. Functional analysis of MYB98 showed that OsMYB98 is highly expressed during seed development and maturation and induced under drought stress. Here, OsMYB98 was amplified from rice Nipponbare variety and functionally over-expressed in Zhonghua11 (ZH11) as a wild type to verify the role of OsMYB98 in drought stress. Based on the results of transcription level and the relative expression analysis, three independent lines were selected for further analysis. Two week's seedlings of OsMYB98, and wild type were subjected to 20% PEG6000 to conduct drought stress. The results revealed that OsMYB98 was differentially expressed and regulated during drought pressure in roots of OsMYB98-3, OsMYB98-6, and OsMYB98-8 compared with the wild type. Over-express of the OsMYB98 gene in rice increases the rice roots' resistance to drought pressure, where the expression of OsMYB98 in roots was rapidly increased and consequently elevated during the tested time point and reached the highest after 24 hours. OsMYB98 plants enhance the resistance to drought compared with wild type, and resulted in lower MDA content, lower water loss, and higher proline content in OsMYB98 plants under drought. The results revealed that OsMYB98 is a stress-responsive gene, and it might be a future basic to develop the resistance of rice and other crops to drought.


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